Emilia del Pino, M.S., CCC-SLP, TSHH received her Master’s Degree from Columbia University. She specializes in the assessment and treatment of individuals of all ages and ability levels with sensory motor based oral motor, feeding and speech-language difficulties. She has advanced training and clinical experience in assessing and  providing treatment to children with orofacial myofunctional disorders.  She also has experience with tactile cueing and sensory integration strategies.

Emilia has taught and provided clinical supervision on the graduate and undergraduate level at the College of St. Rose in Albany, New York.
Emilia lectures and provides education and training seminars for school personnel and parents on the local and state level throughout New York State.

In addition she has published articles on oral motor-speech and language skills.

Emilia has presented on various topics such as play and language enrichment and on the theoretical principles and therapeutic intervention of oral motor, feeding speech and language disorders.  Audiences included graduate students, certified speech-language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, teachers and parents.

Emila also presented a short course on Feeding: A Whole Body Approach for the Central New York Speech-Language and Hearing Association, 2009, and Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia for the New York State Speech, Language and Hearing Association, 2003.

Emilia is also a member of the International Association of Orofacial Myologists (IAOM) and is currently in the certification track to become a Certified Orofacial Myologist (COM).

What is the IAOM?
IAOM is a partnership of professionals, educators, and colleagues. The members take great pride in our contributions to the field of orofacial myology.

Members of the IAOM include speech-language pathologists, registered dental hygienists, dentists, orthodontists and medical doctors who collaborate with other medical/dental practitioners for the optimal care of their patients.

Our mission is dedicated to expanding the awareness of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders in both the general public and other allied health professionals, educating and certifying our members in the proper diagnosis and treatment of them, and working to expand research related to Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders.


University, Fordham Rosehill

Bachelor of Science, Cum Laude, 1993

Columbia University, Teachers College

Masters of Science in Communication Disorders, 2/96

Work experience

Jowonio and Parkside Preschool Syracuse, New York                                        

Pauline K. Winkler Speech-Language Hearing Center, College of Saint Rose, Albany, New York

Albert Einstein College of Medicine Rose F. Kennedy Center Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center, Bronx, New York

Professional memberships

American Speech Language and Hearing Association

Member of the IAOM

Talktools – Level 4 Therapist

Central New York Speech-Language Hearing Association

New York State Speech Hearing Association