1. What services do you provide?

CNY Speech Pathology offers a variety of services to meet the needs of each client.  Therapy programs and recommendations are tailored to each individual client and are developed in partnership the family.

Services:  We offer direct therapy services for those families living the CNY area.  Therapy services begin with a full evaluation to determine the individual’s and family’s needs.  An evaluation is typically 1 1/2hrs. At that time, the therapist will discuss the clinical findings and recommendations.

2. What specialized programs do you offer?

Home Programs: Often families are looking for oral placement and/or feeding and speech therapy programs to support a therapy team already in place. Families may also seek therapy strategies to supplement their current therapies at home.  A home program plan includes parent training in the theory and principles of oral motor placement and feeding/speech therapy. A consultation is scheduled with the family to demonstrate exercise and activities which are geared to supporting home practice.

OPT Programs:

Oral placement for speech and feeding safety is designed to be used with clients with oral-motor deficits related to poor muscle control with a diagnosis of dysarthria. In addition, it is to be used with children with reduced coordination and agility of the oral structures such as dyspraxia.

In these populations, low muscle tone, reduced oral coordination and precision for speech-production is common. Oral placement therapy uses oral activities, tactile cues and feeding techniques to increase oral awareness, teach correct placement for phoneme production, as well as, improve agility of the oral structure.

Oral placement therapy addresses the motor component of speech production by targeting movements of the jaw, lips, and tongue. Speech in a client with oral motor deficits is often characterized by mispronunciations of multiple phonemes, distortions and deletions of various consonants and vowels. These clients can benefit from oral placement programs in addition to traditional speech sound therapies. Because these techniques are motivating and designed to promote success, children enjoy working with parents/caregivers and therapists. Each therapy task is divided into manageable, task-analyzed steps to ensure success.

Normal muscle movement is necessary for standard speech clarity to develop appropriately. Clients with oral -motor disorders may not have adequate muscle strength or endurance to support the development of intelligible speech. If oral motor deficits are not addressed, these clients may continue to exhibit speech and feeding deficits, specifically during co-articulation or connected speech.

Oral-motor/placement, speech-feeding therapy should only be provided from speech-language pathologists (SLP’s) who have been trained through continuing education in this specialty. Therapists through TalkTools Therapy are trained in these techniques.

What is a Program Plan?

A Program Plan is a step-by-step list of particular exercises with a rationale for incorporating the recommended exercise. A comprehensive outline with instructions for each activity is provided.  You will receive your program plan within 4 weeks after your visit.  Families and team members are encouraged to contact the therapist with questions or concerns via email while working through the program.

Program Plans and Program Plan Updates: Families that have participated in an initial evaluation are encouraged to schedule a program plan update on a monthly or quarterly basis based on the individual or family’s need.

A program plan update takes approximately 1 hour.  We encourage you to bring any team-member to the evaluation whom may be implementing the plan.

3. Where does therapy take place?

Therapy may be provided in the Fayetteville office or in home, depending on location and therapist availability.

4. Do you offer off-site appointments?

Emilia may offer an evaluation in the Syracuse, NY area. School consultations, evaluations and participation in team meetings at your child’s school with his/her therapy team are also available.

 5. What is your Fee Schedule?

Contact Emilia directly for fees and to schedule an appointment.

6. How can I schedule an appointment?

Please call Emilia del Pino directly to discuss scheduling a convenient appointment day/time or click on the Appointments tab to email her.